Published On: Thu, Nov 23rd, 2017

New tariffs: gasoline cheaper, cooking gas more expensive

gasoline1WILLEMSTAD - Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post has published the new rates for fuel, water and electricity on their website. Gasoline will be 7 cents cheaper as of November 28.

Gasoline goes from 1.81 to 1.74 guilders on the announced date. Diesel becomes more expensive, an increase of five cents, from 1.20 per liter at the gas station to 1.25 guilders. It is remarkable that after many months of constant prices for cooking gas, the rates now go up. The price of a large propane cylinder will cost 50 guilders, now that is still 40, and a small cylinder costs 10 guilders on Tuesday. Now it is 8 guilders.

The new rates for water and electricity will go into effect on December 1. Water will be slightly more expensive. In the lowest household rate the price rises from 7.38 per cubic meter to 7.44. Electricity also becomes more expensive at the lowest rate.

Up to 250 kWh, customers pay now 47 cents per kWh, on December 1 this will be 49 cents.

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