Published On: Wed, Sep 12th, 2012

Opening Parliament year illegal

WILLEMSTAD - The opening of the Parliament Year 2012-2013, which happened yesterday morning by Ivar Asjes, is illegal. This according to Anthony Godett, the leader of the political party FOL.

According to the FOL leader, Asjes was right in saying that there is no required quorum at a solemn meeting of Parliament. But the opening of the new Parliament Year cannot occur until the old parliamentary year is closed, " according to Godett.

Godett, who last Monday during an emergency meeting, convened by a majority of the States (PAR, PNP, FOL, Eugène Cleopa and Dean Rozier), was elected to new Vice Speaker of the Parliament, waited yesterday afternoon on the minutes from the notary, who was also present at the General Assembly on Monday. During this emergency meeting was unanimously agreed to the deposition of Asjes (Pueblo Soberano) as President of Parliament and Amerigo Thode (MFK) as Vice President. During this same meeting, Dean Rozier, formerly chairman of MFK and now independent member of Parliament, was appointed new President of Parliament.

Once Godett is in possession of the Minutes from the notary, hea will spread it to all the official entities in the Kingdom. It is the Advisory Council (RvA) the Social and Economic Council (SER), the various department heads, the Parliament, Clerk, the Parliament of Aruba and St. Maarten and the First and Second Chamber of the Netherlands.

About how to proceed, Godett says:,, Asjes must accept that a majority in Parliament has chosen a new President and a new Vice Presidnet. Asjes can no longer count on a majority and he will no longer function correctly as President. "

The FOL-leader said Monday that he was also one of the victims of the Asje’s 'brash demeanor' in the past 22 months. ,, I have, before coming here, tried to persuade Asjes to resign and keeo the honor to himself but unfortunately I couldn’t get a hold of him. I know Asjes is in this building, So he still has the opportunity to come personally and resign."

Godett was also furious about the Head Clerk Mr. Silvin Cijntje. Godett brought forth a point of order during the meeting of Parliament to call the Head Clerk and notify him that he needs to be present at the meeting. When Dennis Jackson (PAR), which acted as President, had called Cijntje on two occasions, the Head Clerk stated that he did not want to be present because the situation was not clear enough for him.

Godett: This is absurd. The Clerk does not work for the President of Parliament, but for the whole Parliament. It cannot be that an employee refuses to perform its work."

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