Published On: Fri, Dec 14th, 2012

Owner of Guyanese vessel identified

WILLEMSTAD – Slowly but surely Guyanese authorities are accumulating information on the notorious case of the stolen gold bars in the harbor of Curacao about two weeks ago.

The owner of the vessel has been identifies as Deosarran Shivpaul who reportedly lived or lives in the Municipality of Canal called West Bank Demerara. The last time this ship was in Guyana was between June 17 and 19, 2012. After this the whereabouts of this vessel was not registered. Authorities cannot locate the owner, who, according to the chief of police Leroy Brummel, was deported a few years ago from U.S. for unknown reason.

What the authorities want to establish is if the gold valued at 11.5 million dollars was exported legally from Guyana and resulted in Curacao. According to confidential reports the gold bars did not have the official government seal on them which might indicate that they were exported legally.

The heist took place on November 30 at 4 o’clock in the morning when the vessel was docking in the Curacao harbor. The probability is that the ship left from Suriname but that the gold is from Guyanese mines.

In Guyana, authorities have to base their case on what Curacao authorities are saying and their lips are sealed. Because the Minister of Natural Resources in Guyana does not know where the gold came from, he prefers to receive official information and that is why he has sent a team from Guyana to meet with local authorities.

The news agency Demerara Waves Online has learned that the customs authorities in Curacao have documentations indicating that the gold has legally been exported from Suriname. On the other hand the Guyanese authorities have not given permission to export such large quantity of gold.

The owner of the ship, Deosarran Shivpaul, has registered the vessel at International Maritime Organisation (IMO) under the number 611082. Formerly the ship’s name was “Captain Glenn”.

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