Published On: Mon, Dec 17th, 2018

Parliament adopts 8 out of 21 motions

William-Millerson-president of parliamentWILLEMSTAD - In Parliament, 21 motions have been filed during the last day of the debate on the budget for 2019. Only eight of these motions were adopted.

The thirteen other motions - from the opposition - did not make it. With the first motion adopted, the government is requested to introduce a dividend policy for all government entities in order to guarantee the dividend income for the government budget.

In the same motion, the government is requested to introduce a so-called 'Balkenende norm' with the same governmental companies in order to prevent astronomically high salaries from being paid to directors.

The Balkenende norm is the collective name for a series of statutory and voluntary standards, which together determine that public officials in the Netherlands should not earn more than 130 percent of a ministerial salary. It was proposed by the former Primer Minister of the Netherlands Jan Peter Balkenende.

Now the Parliament of Curaçao wants that same norm for the directors and management of the public companies.

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