Published On: Mon, Jan 7th, 2013

Possibly also Guyanese investigation into gold robbery

WILLEMSTAD — Whether the Guyanese police conduct an investigation into the gold robbery on Curaçao depends on the Ministry of Natural Sources, according to the Guyanese minister of the Interior, Clement Rohee. A team from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) flew to the island by order of aforementioned ministry to investigate the origin of the gold bars. However, the local police prefer not to work together with this team, according to the news site from Demerara Waves.

Rohee stated his ministry is to decide if the Guyanese police will conduct an investigation on the island. However, this will only take place if the Ministry of NB can provide usable and reliable information on the robbery. According to the NB-minister Robert Persaud, the team is still awaiting information from the local authorities. He stated that the local police are only interested in solving the robbery, not in the origin of the gold bars.

Persaud believes the team ‘had done its utmost’ on the island to obtain information from the local police for further investigation but the team was never given assistance. He immediately added that although the GGMC-team is investigating the origin of the gold bars, the team members are not police officers. In that case the local police are not obligated to provide information. “We must not forget this is a matter of administration of justice and that the ministry is not a legal enforcement service. We are interested in the case but more from a business point of view”, he added.

Persaud also indicated that the Guyanese authorities have no information whatsoever on Guyanese companies or private persons having lost this large number of gold bars.

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