Published On: Wed, Nov 14th, 2012

Press Release: Informateur optimistic!

WILLEMSTAD – Yesterday November 13, representatives of the political parties Pueblo Soberano (PS), PAIS, PAR and PNP have met with the informateur. In a calm and positive setting the parties have exchanged ideas. One point that stood out in the meeting was that the parties are conscious about the differences between them on e.g.: ideology and view on the way the country should be governed.

Parties are also conscious that the process to come and work together will take time. It is also necessary to reach a base of trust, to make strong agreements on how to communicate in a structural manner, to reach a government agreement and to further on to reach a government program. There are also major challenges ahead of us which also must be dealt with during this period. When all these processes are in motion, the process of reconciliation will also be in motion.
It is agreed that on November 14, the informateur will formulate a draft of “willingness declaration”. This will be sent to all that has participated in this meeting, for further comments. When the final version is reached, it will be scheduled for the meeting of the leaders of each political party. Little by little but steadfastly the parties will form a government for Curacao.
Glenn H.E. Camelia



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