Published On: Fri, May 5th, 2017

Press release President of Central Bank Emsley Tromp

WILLEMSTAD - Today, the Public Prosecutor announced that Mr. Emsley Tromp, President of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten, will be prosecuted for tax fraud. Though Tromp believes that the legal discussion should take place at the court hearing and not in the media, he is prompted to respond briefly to this announcement.

First of all, Tromp denies, with emphasis, all allegations that he is guilty of tax fraud. Unlike the Public Prosecutor's Office indicates, there is no question of not filing his taxes intentionally to benefit his pension. Tromp does not have to pay taxes on the incomes of his pension foundation until he retires. There are no disadvantages for the country Curaçao and the tax collection after his retirement is guaranteed.

Tromp believes that in the last few months, the Public Prosecutor's Office has conducted itself improperly, negligently, and hastily in this criminal case. Remarkably there are two more in-depth opinions from tax experts given to the prosecutor’s office, from which it can be concluded that Mr. Tromp has acted correctly. The prosecutor has unjustly ignored these opinions.

Why the Public Prosecution considers that the purely fiscal issue of pension arrangement of Mr. Tromp has to be punished by criminal law, especially now that it is clear that the opinion of the Public Prosecution is not shared by several tax experts. It is also not understandable why the Public Prosecutor, in an investigation that has not yet been completed, has been so hastily to announce their decision to prosecute. The handling of the Public Prosecution is explainable only if one assumes that they are driven by forces other than truth and the maintaining of the legal order. That thought gives cause for concern.

Mr. Tromp will defend himself and sees a positive outcome of the legal proceedings.

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