Published On: Fri, Sep 14th, 2012

Prime Minister Schotte must resign now, according to majority in Parliament

WILLEMSTAD- A majority of the Curacao parliament convened on Thursday to send the nine demissionary ministers immediately home. The governor was asked to name a person to form an interim government.

Curacao finds itself, for several weeks, in a parliamentary crisis. Since the fall of the government of Prime Minister Schotte the president has prevented the parliament of holding public meetings. He would thus prevent himself and the ministers of the demissionary cabinet from being deposed.

The opposition, which now has a majority in parliament, in a separate meeting outside the Parliament building, elected a new president and a new vice president. ON Thursday they majority of Parliament voted to depose demissionary government and form an interim government. Whether this legal, is not clear as yet.

At the sitting of Thursday there was a physical confrontation between the opposition and supporters of ruling party Pueblo Soberano. The supporters prevented the opposition access to the parliament building. It came to blows, the newly elected vice president of the parliament received a blow in the head.

Inside the doors to the meeting hall were being blocked. Then the opposition left the parliament building to meet somewhere else in the city.

The eyes are now on the governor. Which said in its earlier opinion that the parliament should meet again to get out of the impasse. Now that it seems impossible after the incident, the governor can decide to inform the Kingdom Government, which can intervene. The Ministers will meet in The Hague today.

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