Published On: Wed, Nov 21st, 2018

Public Prosecution puts lien on salary former Prime Minister

Gerrit-Schotte-10WILLEMSTAD - The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in Willemstad has put a lien on the salary Member of Parliament (and former Prime Minister) Gerrit Schotte via a bailiff.

On September 30, the MFK leader was sentenced by a court in a so-called confiscation case to the repayment of more than 1.8 million Antillean guilders he received in bribes from Sicilian Mafia boss Francesco Corallo, who lives in Sint Maarten.

Although Schotte has filed an appeal, this does not have a suspensive effect, so that the Public Prosecution Service was free to proceed with the attachment. This already took place, without giving it publicity, on 9 November. Schotte himself announced the 'news' on Monday evening by sending a Whatsapp message about it.

The lien means that the first prime minister of the new country Curaçao must hand over approximately one-third of his salary of 12,000 guilders to the Public Prosecutor each month to repay the total 1.8 million he owes the Public Prosecution Service.

Schotte is waiting for more bad news: next week the Supreme Court will give judgment in the cassation case that he has filed against his conviction to 3 years in prison for official corruption and money laundering. The Supreme Court is assumed to take over the previously published conclusion of the Advocate General and to uphold the conviction. This means that Schotte may soon report to the prison with pyjamas and a toothbrush.

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