Published On: Sat, Oct 20th, 2012

Pueblo Soberano will lead the coalition

WILLEMSTAD - Pueblo Soberano has won the election on Curaçao. Former Prime Minister Schotte has failed to be the biggest again. His party, the MFK became second.

Pueblo Soberano of Helmin Wiels strives for independence for Curaçao. The people must have the opportunity to choose in a referendum, according to the party.

Wiels declared to the media that he wants to wait until the time is right. "This result means that our party continues to grow and that the consciousness of my people continues to grow. Consciousness towards independence and autonomy is increasing."

The three parties of the former coalition (MFK, Pueblo Soberano and MAN), have received approximately 54 percent of the vote. They won an extra seat compared to previous elections.

The three parties will likely continue their cooperation under the leadership of Pueblo Soberano, because there is no alternative coalitions available. The atmosphere between Pueblo Soberano and MFK is one of hatred and envy.

Big loser
The election in Curaçao was necessary because two members of parliament from the former government defected to the opposition. Big loser was the former ruling party PAR, which in the last election came out as the largest but ended up in the opposition. The PAR ends now third. Fourth, the new party PAIS.

Image: Pueblo Soberano

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