Published On: Wed, Nov 14th, 2012

PWFC: Major fraud in Refineria di Korsou (Curacao Refinery)

WILLEMSTAD – Board members Oswald van der Dijs and Bicho Justiana are stealing public funds. Furthermore Van der Dijs has to explain why he is so interested in staying as a member of the board of directors of the Curacao Refinery (RdK). This is according to Angelo Meyer, president of the union PWFC, relating to the latest developments surrounding the RdK. The board is obstructing a government investigation into the finances of the organization. “Van der Dijs wants to stay while the situation is deteriorating”, the union leader stated.

“It is time for Van der Dijs to present documents and stop saying that those with money are buying the little people”, according to Meyer. This was Meyer’s reaction to Van der Dijs’ accusations of him being bribed.

“I was not bought. I said since the beginning that I’m not interested in who is appointed to the board because everyone who takes this position will have to confront me”, Meyer stated. The union leader declared that is ready for any new government because if the problems persist, he will continue fighting for the organization and its workers

PWFC, represented by Angelo Meyer, has once again invited Oswald van der Dijs and Bicho Justiana to demonstrate who is speaking the truth.

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