Published On: Mon, Jul 14th, 2014

Questions on increase tuition University of Curaçao

UniversityWILLEMSTAD – An action group founded by the students of the University of Curacao (UoC) has sent a letter to the Rector Magnificus with several questions on the increase of the tuition fees.

According to the group, they find it unfortunate that they had to learn through the press that the tuition at the University of Curaçao was increased by July 11 of this year. It was following this announcement that the students decided to form the Grupo di Akshon University of Curaçao Action Group UoC).

“Only later as students, we received an email in which it was announced that the tuition is being raised. Following these events, we are writing this letter in which we ask a few questions. We would like answers to these questions,” the students said.

“Firstly, we would like to know why a student must find out that tuition has been increased after they were finished with the re-examination of certain faculties. Why did this announcement when most students were not present at the UoC and also why one month before classes starts again. We find it remarkable that in your letter you indicate that this decision was taken on March 26, 2014 while we need to hear in the media only 3 months later,” the students asked.

The students also asked whether the UoC has considered the complications that arise for the students who received student loans. Due to this increase, the old loan will not be sufficient. Additionally, for others who did not receive a scholarship, can no longer apply for a scholarship because the application period has already passed. Also, the registration fee rose with 200 guilders to 545 guilders. Thus, a student must pay this amount before August 15, 2014, to ensure that they receive their loan for the remainder of the year.

“We also want to better understand why this tuition increase is necessary. In the media you have indicated that there has been overdue maintenance on the UoC. This statement is very vague and unclear for us. We would like to know specifically where this money will be spent on. Besides maintenance, are there other concrete examples of improvements that are necessary for the students?” the group asked.

“We will do our best to organize an information session so you can come and give answers to the above mentioned questions,” the group said.

The action group finished their letter saying that they want to address this situation in a professional, passive and diplomatic manner.

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