Published On: Wed, May 23rd, 2018

‘Radio stations have to contribute, but in a transparent way’

SkempiWILLEMSTAD - Paying 3000 guilders per month in royalties is not the right way. That's what Bodino de Jong from Skempi says. The music platform, focused on the Caribbean, has been thinking for a while about a plan to allow musicians to receive royalties, but was still looking for a way on how to give shape to this.

“This idea is similar to other ideas we know, such as Buma Stemra, but a counter-sound is usually that there is no transparency. Moreover, the money does not always end up with the artists.”

The company Ducapro and lawyer David Kock have entered into a partnership with the Canadian company Socan to pay royalties to Curaçao artists. Until now there was no company that arranged this. Last week, radio stations received a letter requesting the offer of 3000 guilders per month for the use of music. If this does not happen and local music is still played, a fine can follow.

De Jong says his company has not been approached by Ducapro or the other parties. “We would have liked to have shared our ideas, but we do not really believe in just organizing them locally.”

De Jong fears that local artists will be less heard on radio stations by introducing royalties in this way. He also states that it cannot be expected that every radio station has enough income to pay 3000 guilders per month. According to De Jong, this plan is not focused on the future in which streaming is particularly important. Soon the company will come out with their own plans. “We do find that radio stations have to contribute, but in a different way.”

The government has not yet responded to the plan.

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