Published On: Thu, Dec 1st, 2016

Ramiz: “Fleet Management or Bankrupt?”

maintenance-8161WILLEMSTAD – According to the aviation expert Nelson Ramiz, InselAir must improve their Fleet Management. 70 % of its fleet has been grounded due to lack of money to perform maintenance. This should be a concern.

“In a recent article published in the Curaçao Chronicle, apparently as a weak intent by InselAir to reply to my article where I noted the chaotic status of InselAir fleet, in my opinion, is just smoke and mirrors to hide the reality. Their chaotic financial situation is public and notorious, their multiple daily delays and cancellations or interruption of their flights must be a concern to everyone especially to the Regulator of the Government of Curaçao,” said Ramiz in an interview with Curaçao Chronicle.

Ramiz indicated that, for the airline to insinuate that because they are IOSA Certified or hold a Repair Station 145 Certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or that their aircraft can fly into the USA makes them safe and it should be of no concern, is deceiving.

“IOSA was created by IATA as a way to standardise the safety auditing process between the airline members and to assure that they follow and continue following IATA Safety Standards that are based on ICAO recommendations. It is not a continuing audit and oversight. That is the sole responsibility of each country aviation authority and the responsibility falls on the Head of the Authority,” said Ramiz.

“IOSA does not audit the aircraft in the graveyard and to insinuate, because they were just audited in September, that InselAir is ‘safe’ is just deceiving. Audits are only gap analysis to determine if the procedures and manuals are being followed. The airline is handed a list of discrepancies or findings. If any, then they must be corrected and if there are no major and serious findings the airline remains an IOSA compliance airline. If there are then the IOSA Certification is removed. It is unknown if there were any findings or discrepancies found during the recent audit.”

Ramiz also explained that IOSA or FAA audits do not cover the financial status of an airline or how many aircraft the airline has in improperly stored while collecting corrosion in a graveyard at less than a mile from the ocean or how many flights are cancelled or delayed.

“When the FAA extends a 145 Repair Stations Certification, it is to perform maintenance on N-registered aircraft and only certifies that the repair station follows the manuals approved by the FAA for a 145 Repair Stations. It does not comment or care how maintenance is performed on aircraft not registered in the USA. To insinuate that because InselAir holds a FAA 145 Repair Station Certification, their aircraft are well maintained is far from the truth and I refer myself to the multiple delays and cancellations due to maintenance that forced KLM and others to cancel their code sharing with the airline.”

The aviation expert and former Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) consultant stressed that airlines are obligated to maintain their entire fleet in airworthy conditions at all times. To say that they ground aircraft with parts, components and engines removed and improperly stored, collecting corrosion at one mile from the ocean because they don't need the aircraft on the fly line while they are cancelling or delaying flights, is just plain stupid. “They are lying and hiding from the flying public their critical and dangerous situation, and that is my personal opinion.”

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