Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2013

Ramiz: It’s not true that DAE has canceled all its flights to St. Maarten and Bonaire

WILLEMSTAD – Persistent reports that Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) has cancelled all its flights to Sint Maarten and Bonaire during the day yesterday, are absolutely not true, according to CEO of the aviation company Nelson Ramiz.

In his opinion the people are making an elephant out of an ant, because nothing is true about these reports.  “No es cierto”  meaning it’s not true was the executive’s first reaction. “There are other airlines that also cancels flights and I don’t see why DAE has to become news. It’s an hydraulic problem which our ATR has, which has caused some delays,” he declared about the erroneous reports.

In the same sentence Ramiz explained that it was necessary to cancel just one flight to Bonaire on which there were just 5 passengers and from the flamingo island coming to Curacao just 4 passengers.

“Naturally an airline does not send an aircraft  for that small group of passengers and immediately we have accommodated them with another aviation company, which is our way of dealing nicely with all our passengers,” Ramiz said.

To alleviate the lack of the ATR they started using a Fokker to comply with the flights to neighboring areas, but the flight going to Santo Domingo and Sint Maarten was never cancelled.

“We don’t fly directly to Sint Maarten every day,” he said additionally to take away all doubts. Like Ramiz has predicted, everything will be normal today, which is DAE’s priority.

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