Published On: Mon, Aug 26th, 2013

RBC Royal Bank And Aqualectra Support Innovative Education Project For Schools Of Primary Education

RBCWILLEMSTAD -- Recently Young Talents United foundation (YTU), RBC Royal Bank and Aqualectra joined forces to realize an innovative educational project for primary education.

The presentation took place on Wednesday August 14, at Teatro Luna Blou. The three entities launched this innovative education project from their collective point of view that the world is constantly changing and that this entails that educational processes aimed at children have to change too. The philosophy behind this is that it is important to promote development and talent of children. The three entities are of the opinion by doing so we also promote and develop leadership qualities of children

This project is a pilot in which four schools to participate in the first phase. The project is also an merger of ideas and initiatives of the YTU foundation, RBC Royal Bank and Aqualectra. The last two mentioned companies have contributed by making their human resources available and have also provided funds to realize this project.

These two sponsors furthermore have given their support to the project because they believe that if we want to achieve positive changes in our community we can achieve this by especially developing the non-cognitive and creative abilities of children.

YTU foundation’s philosophy is, that people should be developed; mostly children which are the basis and future of our community. By creating more opportunities so that they can develop their talents in their own environment we prevent children from becoming dropouts and getting involved in less positive things. We should nurture and help develop talents in each child and guide them in the specific areas of their interest. By doing so we create new leaders for the future.

Some teachers in the past have initiated similar initiatives, but unfortunately this was never fully implemented in our educational system. This is precisely the intention of this project which makes it interesting and innovative.

It is well known that our educational system has not sufficiently been exploiting the initiatives that contribute to the development of non-cognitive characteristics of the child. Attention is usually focused on  mathematics and foreign languages etc., but not in any other possible areas of the child's interest and talent. One of the initiatives of the YTU foundation, RBC Royal Bank and Aqualectra is to pay more attention to the development of non-cognitive and creative abilities of children. Therefore, the three entities will work together on projects to identify interest and talents in children which too often are remained hidden. What also makes the project innovative is the way the above mentioned organizations have joined willingness and knowledge to realize this project.

It is a combination of common goals of the partners RBC Royal Bank and Aqualectra to realize sustainable projects for the youth. Both RBC Royal Bank Curaçao, through RBC’s Blue Water Project and Aqualectra, the water production and distribution company of Curaçao, have executed together awareness projects on responsible usage of water, protection of clean water resources and the environment in general.

This project is mainly targeted to children to make them aware of the importance of efficient water usage for this is the main source of life for people, animals and plants. This project is a continuation of the partnership this year between RBC and Aqualectra that started with the mini seminar on World Water Day 22 March, was part of RBC’s Blue Water Project.

To develop awareness of the importance of water in schools, the YTU foundation created and developed the workbook "With our talents we make a difference '. A teachers manual was also  developed for four schools as a pilot project with the objective that it will be introduced and used as part of their existing curriculum.

The famous local writer Diana Lebacs also cooperated with the project by creating and writing a new story book especially for the project. During the presentation she read a segment of the first chapter of the book Her reading and dramatization was received with big applause when she stopped and left everybody curious about the development and ending of  the story. In the first phase of the community project, more or less 1000 children of four primary schools will be made aware of the value of water through the books and classes on the need to safeguard resources of clean water. The aim is to provide more books and manuals in the near future to other schools as well .

During the presentation the workbook and reading book were officially presented to the Minister of Education, Sports, Culture and Science, Mrs. Rubia Bitorina and also to the sponsors. To conclude this afternoon four talented youngsters were also put in the spotlight because of the fact that they excel in various disciplines, some of them in more than one discipline. For this occasion the organizers of the event choose; Gwendrick Newton, Seggio Bernardina, Kaylee Linkers and Dominique Zwiep as role models for their achievements and performance in various disciplines  locally and internationally.

The project will start as a pilot in this new school year in four schools. In the first phase the project will start with books in the Dutch language, but the procedures have already started to translate it into Papiamentu shortly. The teachers of the ‘pilot’ schools are all highly motivated and eager to start. These teachers will participate in workshops under the guidance of Mr. Steven de Lira chairman of the YTU foundation, who is currently here for the launch .

For more information Mr. Henry de Lira, Secretary of the YTU foundation can be contacted by telephone + 5999 521-7364 or by sending an E-mail to a

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