Published On: Mon, Nov 10th, 2014

Results Baas Sports Curacao @ “All Champions” Aruba

Aruba November 8 2014, Edwin Baas with Irving Francisca (left) and Grego Scharbaai (right) with their 1st place trophies (3)WILLEMSTAD - Edwin Baas from Baas Sports Curacao is satisfied about the results of his students from Baas Sports Curacao during Muay Thai Kickboxing fights in Aruba, last Saturday, November 8 2014.
Grego Scharbaai fought the more than 5 kilo heavier Jordy Frans. In the first round Frans surprised with a nice kick to the head of Scharbaai. Scharbaai didn't got an 8-count, but was hit and lost this 1st round. But after the first round he came back very strong and the fight ended in a draw.
Irving Francisca received another opponent, Saul Soto, who defeated the planned opponent earlier this year.
Soto is also an expert in Korean Martial Arts Tang Soo Do and he started the fight with hard and dangerous kicks.
Francisca was listening very good to his coach and used the tactic to stay close with boxing punches and knees from the clinch.
This way Soto could not use his kicks and Francisca won the fight.
Both, Scharbaai and Francisca, have a fight again very soon.
November 29 Scharbaai will fight kickboxing and Francisca MMA during Dominance 4 at the Johan Cruijff court.

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