Published On: Tue, May 2nd, 2017

Rhuggenaath most popular politician

RhuggenaathWILLEMSTAD - From the list of personal votes obtained at last Friday's parliamentary elections, it indicates that Eugene Rhuggenaath, of the political party PAR, is the most popular politician of the moment.

He achieved 15,049 votes or 82 percent of the total number of PAR votes. Gerrit Schotte of the MFK follows second place with 8,888 personal votes or 56 percent of his party’s vote.

At the MAN, Steven Martina, number two of the social democratic party, has won 5,864 votes (36 percent) and received the most personal votes in his party. He has gained more votes than Hensley Koeiman, the foreman of the blue party, who received 4,935 votes (31 percent).

Click on the link below to download the preliminary results per candidate per each party.

Preliminary Results Election April 2017

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