Published On: Thu, Mar 30th, 2017

Römer school big winner in 2nd “Kues Tur Ta Konta”

Tur Ta Konta deelnemers RomerWILLEMSTAD - Last Sunday, 4 schools battled for the title of “Curaҫao’s best math team” in a packed auditorium at the University of Curaҫao. In an extremely close final round of this competition, which was broadcast live on television, the Römer school team finally emerged as the winner. With thunderous applause from classmates and parents, 12 students from the Römer school math team accepted the grand prize of 5.000 guilders from ENNIA. The Johan van Walbeeckschool, Sint Franciscus College, and Coromoto College took second, third and fourth place, respectively. Every participating child received a well-deserved medal and the honor and pleasure of representing their school in this exhilarating nationwide “Tur Ta Konta” quiz.

New individual math competition

Earlier in the competition, Himnish Sukhnani, a student at the Römer school, already took first place in the individual math competition for the 50 most talented math students on Curaҫao, which basically meant a double win for the Römer school. This individual competition is a new part of the “Tur Ta Konta” quiz. It keeps all the schools that are eliminated in the preliminary rounds involved in the quiz, by allowing those schools to designate their best math students to represent them in this individual competition. Römer school teacher Carine Evertsz is incredibly proud of Himnish and her entire math team: “We prepared for this quiz in a very laid back manner, and didn’t put any pressure on the students. The kids were already familiar with the material because of our math curriculum, and we chose our 12 best and most highly motivated students to participate in the quiz. Winning the individual competition as well as the team competition is not only a wonderful achievement for our school, but most importantly, an amazing experience for the students.”

Focus on strong as well as struggling math students

This national math quiz may be what the Tur Ta Konta foundation is best known for, but this foundation does a lot more. It not only celebrates strong math students, but it focuses especially on those students who are struggling with math, and helps them improve their math skills. Since its inception, hundreds of children have received free math tutoring through this foundation. Professionals from all different industries who are good at math and want to share these skills with today’s youth, volunteer their time at the foundation. Through Tur Ta Konta, they help students who struggle with math by providing them with free math tutoring at their school, at home, or at the library, at least once a week. The volunteers find it to be very rewarding and inspiring to be able to help the children, and the children often improve in leaps and bounds. The students often show an increase in confidence as well as in learning enjoyment, due to the personal attention they receive from their tutor.

Building a strong nation

The foundation’s board would love to see the number of tutors and schools it can service increase, to be able to keep up with demand. Math is not only a crucial part of a child’s development, but crucial for the development of society as well. People who are good at math have a greater chance of getting a better job with a higher salary. Children who are good at math often go to college sooner, and have a better chance of running their own successful companies. Gilbert Martina, Senior Managing Director at ENNIA, the sponsor of the grand prize in this competition, puts it into words beautifully when explaining why ENNIA has sponsored this competition from the very beginning, and will continue to do so in the future: “The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth, and with this exciting, educational quiz, we can be proud of our youth!”.

Tur Ta Konta winaar 2017- Romer school schoolteams

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