Published On: Mon, May 4th, 2015

Royal opening war exhibition

11209654_10204990085765861_3415039230369916653_nWILLEMSTAD – Former Queen of the Nethelands, Princess Beatrix has officially opened the exhibition “Guerra na Korsou?!” (War in Curaçao). This exhibition gives attention to the role Curaçao played during the Second World War. That was especially important with the supply of fuel for the allies.

There is very little known about the important role of the islands for the allies during the war. This was the reason for Michèle Russel Capriles to start this special exhibition with kindred spirits and to ask Princess Beatrix to come and be part of it. The choice for the princess is not accidental.

It was her grandmother Wilhelmina, who was in exile with the Dutch government during the war, and gave out a signal that the political relations should be revised.

While there were no fights in the streets of Curaçao and Aruba, the waters surrounding the islands were extremely dangerous. German submarines lurked with their torpedoes on oil tankers at sea and in the harbor of Willemstad.

For more than three years, the inhabitants of the island had to walk around in the dark during the night hours. Also, cars had dark patches on the headlights, so they were barely visible on the streets.

Many such objects were gathered from witnesses from the war and have been lent or donated to the museum of Curaçao. The exhibition can be viewed there until the summer.

Photo credit: Persbureau Curaçao

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