Published On: Wed, Oct 3rd, 2012

Rozier calls first public meeting of parliament – Deposed president also calls meeting

WILLEMSTAD – A very interesting situation has risen since the official president of parliament has called a public meeting of parliament for today Wednesday October 3, 2012. The interesting part is that the deposed president of parliament has also called a meeting of parliament for October 4, 2012. The only difference is that the official clerk that records the parliament meetings still does not recognize the new president of parliament, Mr. Dean Rozier, who is supported by the majority in parliament.

Both meetings have the same point of agenda which is how the interim government will handle the assignments given by the Governor. These assignments are:

  • Prepare for upcoming Parliament elections
  • Restore democracy back in Parliament and restore relations in the Kingdom
  • Attend to the financial situation of the island
  • Prepare measures to screen each candidate minister after elections

The meeting called by Rozier is to bring back parliamentary democracy in Curacao. This is the first meeting called since Ivar Asjes (former president of parliament) canceled all public meetings and told members to go campaigning. This act gave the government (Premier Schotte) free way to govern without controlled by parliament which is customary in a parliamentary democracy.

Anthony Godett
Vice President of Parliament Anthony Godett said that he understood that the parliament clerk does not recognize him and Rozier as the new president and vice president of parliament. “The clerk is playing games and obstructing the normal functioning of the majority in parliament. In the end he will be held accountable for his own actions”, Godett declared. “He is not the parliament clerk for just a few, but for all of the 21 members” Godett continued.

According to article 50 of the rules and procedures, the clerk is appointed and discharged by the parliament. Godett does not hope that it has to come to that, where the majority will discharge the senior clerk. “If he follows order due to political reasons, then he will have to suffer the consequences”, according to Godett.

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