Published On: Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014

Sanctions against illegal waste dump again possible

SelikorWILLEMSTAD - The Island Ordinance Promoting Public Order and Security in the Community (EBOOBG), containing the Illegal-waste Act, will be offered to Parliament within a month. It bundles laws in the field of public order and protection of the community. This is according to a report from the Caribbean Network.

"The involved ministries have created a new proposal. It is an urgent proposal, so the law could be active within a few months in any case within six months,” the legal councilor of the Ministry of Justice Jose Silie said. “This law existed before the constitutional change of October 10, 2010, but had to be re-written for Curacao.”

No sanctions

Because the law was inactive, anyone could dump waste on the streets without being sanctioned. The garbage disposal company Selikor suggested earlier that all their work was for nothing. "We have three dump trucks, which have to clean up illegal waste on a daily bases, but hours later we have the same problem again. Without this law, it is impossible to take targeted actions,” the manager of operations, John Cijntje explained. The law makes it possible for illegal dumpers who are caught or exposed on social media to be fined.

Oil dump

Also, the dumping of oil is included in the EBOOBG-law. The dumping of oil into the sea has been incorporated into another law. “This falls under the MARPOL Convention,” The Coast Guard legal councilor, Cynthia de Veere said. “This is part of the Act and has nothing to do with the EBOOBG Act. The Coast Guard is and has always acted against illegal oil dumping, either from a boat or from ashore.”

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