Published On: Fri, Mar 9th, 2018

Sargassum also washed up in bays on the northwest coast

WILLEMSTAD - In the bays, especially on the northwest coast of Curaçao, large amounts of sargassum have washed ashore, just like on Bonaire. This is worrying because animals can get entangled in the algae.

With sea turtles, for example, it can cause them to suffocate, because they cannot breathe on the surface of the water. In addition, there is a risk that the sargassum will wash up, rot, and cause serious odor nuisance, as was the case in 2015. The expectation is that the sargassum will spread over the entire north coast of Curaçao. Volunteers from the Foundation Unique Curaçao and drones are taking stock of the situation. Especially bays near many residents are checked.



Illustration (c) NOAA of the situation in the sea, a threat to different animal species at the coast

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