Published On: Thu, Apr 6th, 2017

Schotte: “When they entered my house, they couldn’t tell me the reason!”

SchotteWILLEMSTAD – “When they entered my house, there was nothing on paper. Nothing concrete,” said Gerrit Schotte yesterday after the raid conducted at his house. “Mr. Christiaan entered my house, together with other people, and they couldn’t tell me the reason for the raid.”

“Christiaan is a person that I went to school with when we were little. But now he has a mentality that we are a different type of people, inferior to the white color.”

According to Schotte, Christiaan gave him a piece of paper which stated illegal acts and processed claims, but the authorities could not explain what that meant. “Remarkably it was at the end of the search, about 45 minutes after they had entered my house, they told me that I was a suspect in the case.” The papers they gave to the former Prime Minister did not indicate any illegal act. “But we know their game. They come into your home. They come for case A, but during their search, they will look for other things that in their opinion are more interesting. And then they fix what they did not put on the paper. That’s how they work. It’s all a game,” said Schotte to the media.

Schotte also stated that last Tuesday Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas gave an instruction to the Attoreny-General Guus Schram. This instruction states that the Public Prosecution (OM) should stop with whatever they are doing and investigate violent crimes. “If all uniformed personnel on this island were really after crime in this country, the serious criminals, they wouldn’t have time to conduct a raid at my house,” said Schotte.

Photo credit: Extra

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