Published On: Wed, Oct 10th, 2012

Schotte’s declaration to the media on mafia links

Gerrit Schotte, leader of Movementu Futuro Kòrsou and the first Prime Minister of the Land Curacao, has taken note of a recent series of articles, mainly in Dutch media and statements of MP Ronald van Raak about a letter

Schotte, who as Prime Minister of Curacao, has sent last year to the Italian Minister of the Interior.

Schotte deeply regrets that there are all kinds of rumors and accusations surrounding this letter and therefore attaches importance to setting things straight so to put an end to the smearing campaign from the Netherlands and by some media on Curacao against him.

In the context of properly and substantiated actions has Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte requested credentials for the Italian citizen Francesco Corallo. Even before there is an appointment or anything in that regards, according to Schotte it’s always good to request factual and concrete information about people. According to Schotte this is a hallmark of good governance.

At his request to the Ministry of Interior on August 3, 2011 he received an answer, which in translation reads as follows:

“Ministry of Interior Affairs”
Head of Cabinet, August 3, 2011, address to the
Dutch Ambassador in Rome, Mr. Stoelinga

The Prime Minister of Curacao has written to the Minister of the Interior, the Honorable Roberto Maroni, and requested the credentials of the Italian citizen Francesco Corallo, to whom he has an unspecified institutional position assigned. In this respect, I would be grateful to you if you could report to Curaçao authorities that the aforementioned Mr. Corallo has a blank file at the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

With very best regards,

Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano "

From this correspondence it is clear that there was nothing illegal. All accusations in the media and voiced by Dutch parliamentarians are completely on their own account.

Gerrit Schotte regrets the tone of the coverage. According to him this seems to be a smear campaign against him orchestrated by political opponents who want to pull everything out of context to damage the good name of the leader of the MFK and the first Prime Minister of Curaçao.

Publication of the correspondence between Schotte and his Italian colleague reveals what really happened. Schotte hopes that this is clear to everyone that all false insinuations have no basis.
End declaration,
Curaçao October 10, 2012

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