Published On: Fri, Jan 15th, 2016

Skempi & UTS launch music app exclusively for Chippie Users

UTS_SkempiesWILLEMSTAD - Last night, during a cozy but festive event held at TuTu Tango, Skempi Limited and its main branding partner United Telecommunication Services N.V. (UTS) introduced the very first version of the ‘Skempi Mobile App’. The much anticipated music app will initially only be made available to Chippie data customers whom will receive an SMS next week to download and activate the app on their smartphone. This first version of the Skempi mobile app is for now only available for Android users. iOS users will get access to the iPhone app before the Summer of 2016, which is currently being developed.

The event was initiated by some opening words from UTS Chief Commercial Officer Diederik Rosenbaum and Skempi co-founder Gino Jacobs, who emphasized the importance and pivotal milestone of the music app release not only for parties involved, but for the entire island of Curaçao and its musicians.

A telecom company teaming up with a music platform is relatively new to our island, but is becoming a global phenomenon in the world. In Europe online media platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and Netflix have teamed up in a similar venture with telecom companies such as Vodafone and T-Mobile. In Latin America telecom companies have also embraced the digital age where Tigo has teamed up with Deezer. Similarly, UTS customers will start getting preferential access to Caribbean music in ‘Chippieland’; Curaçao, Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatius and Dutch & French St. Martin.

Skempi co-founder Boudino de Jong gave a presentation of the Skempi mobile app, highlighting its main current features which include a real-time listing of the Top 40 Caribbean songs, new Caribbean songs and all songs from ‘Festival di Tumba’ from 1995 up to 2016. Planned new feature releases to be launched soon include a search functionality allowing people to search the entire Skempi music database which includes over 30.000 unique Caribbean songs. Furthermore, offline-syncing capability will be introduced, allowing Premium Skempi users and Chippie customers to listen to their favorite music, without requiring an active Internet connection.

Together, Skempi and UTS are embracing the future of music acknowledging that music has transitioned from being sold as a product to being offered as a service. UTS/Chippie is continuously offering its customers new and innovative ways to improve the customer experience by adding such great additional benefits.

The release of the Skempi app together with the already existing Skempi website ( will help our local artists and Caribbean artists to be discovered and supported worldwide. Skempi is already being used every month by over 90.000 people worldwide and growing exponentially. With the Skempi app, Chippie customers can enjoy their favorite Tumbas from way back then or the most recent ones.

Visit the Skempi platform today to indulge in the greatest music experience!

Photo: Boudino de Jong (Skempi), Diederik Rosenbaum (UTS) and Gino Jacobs (Skempi).

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