Published On: Mon, Apr 4th, 2016

SMOC: “Oil refinery emission again above WHO standard”

oil refinery flaringWILLEMSTAD - Last month the emissions from the Isla refinery were again above the standards of the World Health Organization. This is according to the environmental organization in Curaçao Clean Environment Foundation (SMOC).

Especially the standard for sulfur dioxide was exceeded considerably. “Trying to live under the Isla smoke is very dangerous,” they argue. To add to this major dilemma, the situation is contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The foundation also wonders if the Curaçao politicians accept the challenge to maintain the Isla refinery in operation. “The Venezuelan State Oil company that operates the refinery, PdVSA does nothing to environmental investments and the result is that all financial gains disappear to Venezuela, but all humanitarian losses are on behalf of Curaçao,” said SMOC in their press release.

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