Published On: Sat, Sep 29th, 2012

Stanley Betrian new Prime Minister of Curacao

WILLEMSTAD - On 29 September 2012, the formateur, Mr E. Mendes de Gouveia, turned in his final report to the Acting Governor of Curaçao, Ms AP van der Plume Peace, concerning his findings with respect to the formation of an interim government.

The formateur informed the acting Governor of the fact that five political parties, PAR, PNP, FOL, the group of one of Mr. E. Cleopa and the group of one of Mr D. Rozier, representing 12 seats in the States, have agreed on the formation of an interim government, as well as a distribution of portfolios to appoint ministers. This portfolio breakdown is as follows:

  • Mr S.M. Betrian - Prime Minister, Minister of General Affairs and Minister of Justice
  • Dr J.M.N. Jardim - Minister of Finance and Minister of Economic Development
  • Mr S. Bodok MHA - Minister of Health, Environment and Nature and Minister of Social Development, Labour and Welfare
  • The Mr. Ing. C.G. Smits - Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and Minister of Administration, Planning and Services

The portfolio for Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning and Energy Sector will also be assigned to Mr. SM Betrian until the fifth minister is appointed.

The formatter has thus fulfilled the task to form an interim government that a majority of the States of Curaçao supports and enjoys sufficient support.

The Office of the Attorney General completed its investigation into the criminal antecedents and financial interests of the nominated ministers and has not provided any data to impede their appointment.

The inauguration of the Ministers took place in the presence of the Acting Governor of Curaçao. The members of the demissionary cabinet Schotte resigned, according to the former Prime Minister, on August 3 and were officially discharged by the Acting Governor.

The Acting Governor of Curaçao expressed appreciation to Mr Eduard Mendes de Gouveia for the way he has performed his task.



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