Published On: Thu, Jul 17th, 2014

Statement from Curaçao Airport Partners

AirportWhat happened Tuesday night at the Curaçao International Airport is tragic for Curaçao.  CAP is saddened by the unfortunate incident of Tuesday evening and will continue to manage and operate the airport to the highest reasonable levels of international safety and security as we have always done.

Instances of crime related violence is, unfortunately, a part of the social reality of every community.  Curaçao is no exception.  Crimes of this nature are a national socio-economic issue, and they can occur at any time and place. That place, Tuesday night, was unfortunately, the Curaçao International Airport...the air transportation gateway to Curaçao.

CAP’s facilities, like any other airport facilities in the world, are designed and operated to facilitate the safe and efficient processing and movement of travelers and other users.  The airport facilities are safe, secure, and adequately staffed and equipped to meet local needs and international standards.  CAP security staff responded immediately to the incident according to specific procedures that are designed to optimize passenger and user safety.

Tuesday night, the perpetrators of the crime at the airport entered the facilities in a normal manner as any user would do, and parked in the public parking lot while they waited for their victims.  They then initiated their attack, returned to their parked vehicle, and broke through the barriers of the parking lot as they left the airport premises.

The Curaçao International Airport, operated by CAP, fully meets all international standards for the safe operation and management of an international airport facility.

It should be noted that the categorization by the FAA of Category 2 status for Curaçao has no relation to the operational safety and security of the airport. The categorization of Curaçao to FAA Category 2 means that the quality of the regulatory, technical, staffing, records and documentation required to be provided by the Government in their oversight functions related to civil aviation does not meet FAA Category 1 oversight standards.  It is our understanding that the Curaçao Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) is working to correct these deficiencies.

Ralph J. Blanchard, A.A.E.

Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP)

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