Published On: Mon, Oct 2nd, 2017

Statement of CAP regarding Press Release MFK

AirportWILLEMSTAD - Curaçao Airport Partners has taken note of the press release sent out by the political party MFK on October 1st, concerning the Food & Beverage concessionaires at Curaçao International Airport. While CAP does not usually engage in publicly discussing information regarding companies operating on, or offering service at, the airport, the company finds it important to clarify its’ business solicitation process due to arisen concerns.

Curaçao Airport Partners is continuously working on new and innovative ways to improve the airport experience at Curaçao International Airport.  As a private company investing heavily in the expansion and enhancement of the airport, it is important for CAP to ensure that all aspect of the airport facilities and experience it manages on behalf of Curaçao, are of consistently high standard and quality.

In 2016 and in the beginning of 2017, the contract of several Food & Beverage (F&B) providers at the airport expired. CAP and the concessionaires mutually agreed to extend the concession period until December 2017 under an Amendment to their existing Agreements. Management decided it would publicly solicit proposals from companies qualified to perform these services. This decision was also supported by the CAP Board.

This decision would offer a transparent platform and fair opportunity for both current and other local and international companies to present their capability and willingness to offer a high quality product and service at Curaçao International Airport, and is consistent with the best practices adopted at other international airports worldwide. The date of the release of the public solicitation of proposals was unfortunately delayed due to the documents being reviewed by legal specialists internally and abroad in order to assure consistency with best practices and appropriate competitive terms and conditions.  This legal review will be completed shortly, and the documents will be available to qualified, capable, and interested providers, that can secure these from CAP, in order to prepare their proposals.

CAP’s Management and Operating Departments embrace an open door policy, wherein all parties and clients are welcome to discuss concerns or issues at the table. However, CAP finds it unfortunate, that parties chose to discuss this matter in the media platform rather than through the more productive avenue of direct contact or communication.

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