Published On: Mon, Aug 13th, 2012

Step toward integrated medical specialist company

WILLEMSTAD Minister Jacinta Scoop-Constancia opened the renovated outpatient’s clinic of the St. Elisabeth Hospital yesterday. In 2010, Bureau Medical Insurance (BZV) made 1.2 million guilders available for the renovation.  The outpatient’s clinic is a cautious step toward the integrated medical specialist company (GMSB). Of the 54 specialists working in Sehos, eight give consultations at the outpatient’s clinic.

Considering the outpatient’s clinic opened 36 years ago, it’s understandable the building required renovation. The two elevators in the outpatient’s clinic were replaced thanks to the 1.2 million guilders made available by BZV. The entrance door was also renewed. This work began early 2012. The ground floor was also modernized. The admission department was centralized. Patients no longer need to visit the main building but can have a blood sample taken at the outpatient’s clinic. Most of the building will be air-conditioned and new plaster walls were placed against the tiled walls.

The government contributed toward the renovation of the outpatient’s clinic, while the Isla refinery donated medical equipment and beds. The Isla also donated a machine for radiotherapy worth 6.5 million guilders. The radiology department will be digitalized.

Specialists working at the outpatient’s clinic are pediatrician Fred Muskiet, trauma surgeon David Nellesteijn, oral surgeon Lilian Rivacoba Cassals, pneumonologist Ramon Echague, neurologist Victoria Jaramilloen and gynecologist Melissa Gomez Bravio Delgado. Specialists Franke Scheper and John John Schnog work side by side in the hematology and oncology department. These two gynecologists will join the other specialists in the outpatient’s clinic in the near future. In his opening speech, chairman of the Sehos-board, Javier Hernandez, said he views this as their pilot project for the GMSB. This project is one of the seven reform-projects within the Ministry of Public Health. In the GMSB, the medical specialists prefer to be employed with the hospital, with their offices in the hospital rather than in their own practice. Javier hopes a new outpatient’s clinic will be built on the opposite side of Hamelbergweg for all 54 specialists currently employed with Sehos. Once the new hospital is ready the specialists will relocate to the Scadta-island. If all goes according to plan, the new hospital will open in 2015 but the instruction from the National Council of Ministers queers the pitch. The government cannot contract a loan for the construction of the hospital as long it hasn’t balanced the budget.

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