Published On: Mon, Jun 24th, 2013

“Stichting Ondernemend Leren Curaçao” terminates its activities on Curaçao

DSC_0015WILLEMSTAD - The Board of the Foundation for “Stichting Ondernemend Leren Curaçao” (Entrepreneurial Learning Curaçao (SOLC) has decided to terminate its activities. After several years of being active on Curaçao, it has been shown that it is very difficult at this time to organize a media study, in conjunction with the production of TV projects to realize successfully on the island.

The SOLC is very grateful for the support received during the years on the island. Because the Board's goals of SOLC still have a soft spot for the nation, the board decided to spend the remaining financial resources on two national foundations on who are both executing their activities on a very entrepreneurial way. This concerns the Parke Tropikal Foundation and the WE LEAD Foundation.

With this token of appreciation and method the SOLC hopes to serve as an example and encouragement for more companies, funds and agencies to support the good work that these dynamic foundations practice in the community and for the youth of Curaçao.

On behalf of Endemol and Team Academy, we wish them every success in pursuing their entrepreneurial activities, and we are confident that the funds will be well spent.

Good luck and thanks for all the support Dushi Curaçao.

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