Published On: Fri, Jul 20th, 2018

Suitcases left behind; passengers angry at Winair

Air-Antilles-in-Curacao-2-foto-HL-300x225WILLEMSTAD - Passengers who traveled to Curaçao with Winair from Sint Maarten yesterday were unpleasantly surprised when they were told on arrival that all suitcases for passengers with destination Curaçao had been left on Sint Maarten. Several passengers still had a connection to another destination, which made the matter extra annoying for them.

According to Winair, the suitcases had to be left behind in connection with 'weight & balance' regulations. The plane was occupied until the last seat and therefore quite heavy. The plane flew, after the landing on Curaçao, to the final destination Aruba.

Passengers were angry with the airline. "I am happy that there is now an alternative alongside InselAir on this route, but if it does, I will not have to," said a business traveler who had to attend a conference today in jeans and gymnasiums.

Winair says that it does its best to deliver the suitcases to the passengers as soon as possible, but in most cases the passengers have to wait at least 24 hours for the new Winair flight arriving on the island.

By Harald Linkels

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