Published On: Thu, Dec 14th, 2017

Suriname Government: “InselAir must pay debt first before getting permit!”

InselAirPARAMARIBO, WILLEMSTAD - The topic of resumption of InselAir’s flights between Curaçao and Paramaribo is being heavily discussed in Suriname. According to InselAir, they will resume their operations to the South American country on December 18.

But according to several sources, the government of Suriname has assumed the attitude of “let’s wait and see what happens”. This because certain obstacles must be removed first.

This is not only a problem for InselAir but also travel agencies that have started to sell tickets. Travelers are also waiting to see if InselAir’s aircraft will take off from Curaçao to Suriname.

The resumption of this route is one of the conditions of the agreement between the airline and the Curaçao government for the loan of 33 million guilders. But in Suriname there is the doubt that after six months of not operating to that country, the airline can easily pick up operations without any problems. This is also why there was no excitement among passengers in Suriname when InselAir made the announcement.

Travel agents are waiting on an official announcement from the Government of Suriname before starting with the sales of tickets for InselAir.

The current status is that the Minister of Transportation of Suriname, Jerry Miranda has not given the green light for InselAir to resume operations to Paramaribo. According to the authorities, the government must guarantee safety and security. The country must also learn from the past and not repeat what took place when InselAir decided to stop operations to and from Suriname leaving hundreds of passengers stranded.

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