Published On: Wed, Aug 20th, 2014

Suriname refuses Insel Air Aruba – Director Heerenveen: “Surinamese authorities collude with Surinam Airways”

InselAirPARAMARIBO, WILLEMSTAD – Insel Air Aruba may not land in the South American country of Suriname. The Surinamese aviation authority refuses to authorize direct flights between Aruba and Paramaribo. This was reported by the Aruban website

On Monday, an aircraft of Insel Air Aruba had to make a detour via Curaçao, causing hours of delay.

The director of the airline, Edward Heerenveen, blames the Surinamese aviation authorities of colluding with Suriname Airways to protect the regional routes operated by the Surinamese aviation company. Heerenveen indicated that this is totally illegal.

According to Insel Air’s schedule, the next attempt to Zanderij, which is the Suriname airport, from Oranjestad will be this coming Friday. "If Suriname does not allow this I can tell you that both Curaçao and Aruba are ready to boycott flights from Suriname Airways to their territories," Heerenveen said to the Suriname newspaper De Ware Tijd.

Without wishing to go into the claims by made by Heerenveen on a matter at the state level, "Gerard Brunings, presidential adviser for aviation, said that the statements from Heerenveen on actions of Curaçao and Aruba against Suriname Airways are on his own account.

He believes that the Curaçao company has continued with their Aruba-plans thinking they can use existing agreements, which is not right according to Brunings. However, Insel Air states that both the deal between Suriname and Curaçao as the agreements in the context of CARICOM give them enough rights to operate directly between Aruba and Suriname.

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