Published On: Tue, Oct 2nd, 2012

Tapes MFK at the Public Prosecutor

WILLEMSTAD – Press Conference MFK brought new facts to light. The Public Prosecutor (OM) was following the press conference of the MFK fraction on Sunday and requested the tapes for their investigation. This is according to spokesman of the OM Norman Serphos. During the press conference, members of parliament Rudney Garmes, Monique Koeyers-Felida and Gilmar "Pik" Pisas, said that there were people who tried to bribe them in attempt to bring Schotte’s government down. Governor Frits Goedgedrag and former MFK member Dean Rozier would play an important role in this bribery according to the trio. Thus, 500,000 or even 750,000 guilders were offered to the trio to bring down the Government, plus the guarantee of a job elsewhere.

Only Gilmar 'Pik' Pisas has so far reported to the Public Prosecutor. This he did on August 6, while Sunday he indicated that he was approached by Rozier in early July. Garmes and Koeyers-Felida have never filed a complaint against bribery. Pisas did however file a complaint only after he was invited by the OM after his statements in the local media about this alleged bribery attempts.

OM spokesman Serphos does not indicate the reason why the OM has requested the recordings. There  may be new information revealed during the press conference that may be relevant to this case. Earlier Pisas spoke of bribery attempts by businessman Gregory Elias, the man behind the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Now the accusations were expressed towards Rozier and Governor Goedgedrag. But during the Sunday press conference Koeyers-Felida and Garmes also did expressed that attempts were made to bribe them. Serphos does not comment on whether the OM is going to investigate the specific statements of Koeyers and Garmes. The OM has requested the tapes and CBA Television has given its full cooperation. The  prosecution has now the opportunity to view and study the recorded declarations.

The spokesman stressed that the OM is indeed taking the accusations made by Pisas seriously. After the concerning public prosecutor had studied the accusations, the case was transferred to the Federal Investigation. That Research is still ongoing. "Pisas criticized the OM because his indictment was not taken seriously according to him”, but that is not the case according the spokesman.

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