Published On: Tue, Dec 22nd, 2015

Tariffs for electricity and water January 2016

WILLEMSTAD - By means of this press release the Bureau Telecommunication & Post (hereinafter to be referred to as: the Bureau) provides further information on the background of the recently adapted tariffs for water and electricity as per January 1, 2016, as resolved by the Council of Ministers. This tariff adjustment concerns the monthly adaptation of the so-called fuel clause. This is monthly adapted due to the changing prices in oil products, as well as the fluctuating scope of wind- and solar energy. The prices are based on forecasts for the coming month in combination with final calculations of the preceding month.

Adaptation of the tariffs for electricity and water

The fuel clause for electricity increases as per 1 January by slightly more than one cent per kWh. This means that the electricity tariff for all tariff groups increases by slightly more than one cent per kWh. Thus the household tariff up to 250 kWh increases from NAF. 0,5017 per kWh to NAF. 0,5132 per kWh, and the business tariff increases from NAF. 0,6114 per kWh to NAF. 0,6229 per kWh.

The fuel clause for water slightly increases as per 1 January with 6 cents per m 3 . This implies that the water tariff for all tariff groups increases. Thus the household tariff up to 9 m3 increases from NAF. 7,4829 per m3 to NAF. 7,5438 per m3 , and the business tariff changes from NAF. 13,0029 per m3 to NAF. 13,0638 per m3.

Explanation new tariffs

The change in the price of electricity in January is primarily the result of higher fuel prices for Aqualectra. The price increase for fuels used by Aqualectra is merely the consequence of the termination of a negative correction which had a downward effect on these fuel prices during the past quarter.

Furthermore, the evaluation of November 2015 resulted in a positive correction. As a result of maintenance activities during the month of November, more use of production units that are based on more expensive fuels was made for the production of electricity than had been foreseen for said month, which resulted in a less favorable production mix.

With regard to water the slight price increase was mainly caused by abovementioned factors, since the production of water is based on the use of electricity.

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