Published On: Tue, Aug 12th, 2014

Temporary detention center for drug smugglers

prisonWILLEMSTAD - Curaçao will place a temporary detention center for the care of drug smugglers this month. This is intended to prevent the police to have to let the drug runners go because of lack of place to hold them. The Netherlands will provide for the new complex a so-called swallowers toilet.

This was announced by the Ministry of Security and Justice.

A spokesman stressed that Curacao is and remains responsible for the fight against drugs. Justice in the Netherlands also cannot confirm if Curaçao will truly allow drug swallowers on the plane to the Netherlands. "The Public Prosecution of North Holland cannot endorse the idea that Curaçao is consciously letting drug smugglers continue with their flight.”

The Health Department in Curacao forbade the police to detain drug smugglers (swallowers) because of poor sanitary conditions. The existing detention center in Willemstad is being renovated. Until then, temporary cells should provide relief.

In the Netherlands the coalition party VVD asked parliamentary questions on the issue. MP Ard van der Steur said it is "unacceptable" that drug smugglers are not detained.

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