Published On: Mon, Sep 17th, 2018

The Consul-General of The People’s Republic of China in Curaçao and the Curaçao Chinese Club donate books to the National Library

P1100631WILLEMSTAD - When the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Government of Guangdong Province, China OCAOG made the decision to send Chinese books for the library of the Curaçao Chinese Club and Chinese School Curaçao, their board has decided to donate the books to the National Library.

Their idea is to promote the local Chinese population to visit the National Library more P1100632often and to read books which are written in all the other languages the National Library has to offer as well.

The donation from Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Government of Guangdong Province OCAOG contains Chinese-version books and DVD disks. These are about Chinese culture, literature, history, language and different other civilizations in the world also.

P1100636The Chinese Consulate-General of Willemstad donated on its turn English version books and DVD disks, which are about Chinese politics, economy, culture, arts, science and technology. In total there are about 1,500 books.

The ceremony was attended by the Chinese Consul-General of the Dutch Caribbean Mr. Weixin Zhang, other consulate members, representatives of the board of Curaçao Chinese Club, Mr Quanrong Wu and other members of the board, Director of Chinese School Curaçao Mr. Peter Wong, the director of the National Library Mr. Lopez and his staff members.

In his speech Consul-General Mr. Weixin Zhang says that he was so glad to attend the book donation ceremony on that day in the Curaçao National Library while this event coincides on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Consulate-General in Willemstad. To him, this reflects the expansion of friendly exchanges between China and the Dutch Caribbean. Mr Zhang said further that: ”Books are the result of human wisdom, the ladder of human progress. A library is a door to knowledge, a university without walls, and the source of thoughts. The Chinese characters are one of the oldest characters in human history. The techniques of papermaking and printing are Chinese inventions. As one of the ancient civilizations in the world, China has made historical contributions to the progress of mankind.

P1100642In recent decades, China has maintained social stability and a rapid economic development. Its standing and influence are rising, and it has received international attention. Curaçao is a multi-ethnic and multi-culture island with a harmonious society. The Chinese community is part of it. Now more and more local people are interested in the Chinese language, Chinese culture and China.

The Curaçao National Library is an attractive and an important cultural place for local people”. Mr. Zhang believes that the donated books will provide a viewpoint for the local people to learn Chinese culture, social and economic development, Chinese development idea and foreign policy, as well as principles of governing the country. He added that the Chinese-version books will help local people to learn Chinese, and it is an important channel for local Chinese to read them in the library.

Mr. Zhang remarks that the book donation is strongly supported by the Chinese community and it is the result of their efforts. That they are involved in translating and compiling catalogues for the Chinese-version books. For these, he would like to express his sincere thanks to them!

Mr. Zhang concluded that the Chinese Consulate General is willing to work together with the Curaçao National Library to further promote cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Curaçao, and enhance mutual understanding and friendship.

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