Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2013

“The three hospitals should be closed down”

Sint Elizabeth HospitalWILLEMSTAD - The three hospitals in Curaçao should actually close their doors immediately. This is according to temporary Inspector for Health Care Jan Huurman. Dutch newspaper “Trouw” stated that  today. "According to Dutch standards, not one of the operating rooms are in order," says Huurman.

The inspector signaled includes how staff of the Saint Elisabeth Hospital walk outside the operating room in their “operating room clothes”. And that's against the rules. Also there is no ventilation in the operating room.

In addition, Huurman detected fraud amongst doctors. Doctors took cash from patients for operations of which they were not insured. Subsequently, these physicians declared other treatments from these same patients to the insurance company. Huurman returns next month back to the Netherlands. He recommends that the next inspector should be somebody from outside Curaçao. Because according to Huurman everyone on the island knows each other, it would difficult be for an inspector of local origin to tackle abuses.

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