Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2012

Tula’s fight begun 217 years ago

WILLEMSTAD - 217 years ago there was a man. A man who was tired of being a slave and tired of inhuman treatment. His struggle for freedom was an inspiration to everyone and it still is. Since 1984 is Tula commemorated on the day he took matters into his own hands, on August 17.

Tula began his fight for freedom on August 17 and he started from the Kenepa (Western side of the island) plantations to cut through San Juan and San Nicolas which led him to Porto Marie. Here he built a camp with the other leaders Bastiaan Carpata and Pedro Wacao and other runaway slave. Meanwhile, the army got wind of the escaped slaves and gathered to battle with Tula and his henchmen. However the army had underestimated the power of rebellious slaves. On August 19, the army lost the fight against the slaves which procured the slaves with weapons and ammunitions.


Ultimately were still Tula and the other slaves who drew the short straw. The army was strengthened and Tula and his comrades lost more people. More than a month after the beginning of his freedom fight, on September 19, Tula was eventually captured. He and other leaders of the revolt were killed on October 3, 1795 after a trial, in the Rif. On the Rif is now a monument erected to the freedom fighters.

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