Published On: Wed, Jan 27th, 2016

Tumba Festival organizers accused of corruption

Glenn CameliaWILLEMSTAD – During the 2015 edition of the Tumba Festival, the Curaçao Musicians and Artists Association (AMAK) has made itself guilty of corruption. This for a sum of 10,000 guilders. This is stated in a letter from the former chairman of the jury, Glenn Camelia, who in daily life is an attorney at the FCW Legal office and who was also formateur for the government of Curaçao.

Camelia writes in a letter dated January 15 of this year addressed to the AMAK chairman Manfred ‘Feco’ Gomez that in 2015 Gomez had paid a sum of 5,000 guilders to two bands each that did not classify for the final round.

“This is based on your relationship with the two bands in question. This allows you to cast aside the decision of the jury.”

According to the ex-chairman of the jury, Gomez thus has discriminated against all the other bands that did not classify “in the sense that they were not eligible for the amount in question”.

“Mr. Gomez, in everyday life this is corruption.”

In the letter Camellia outlines the image of Gomez, who called the jury members to put pressure on them to sign. “The fact that you called the jury members should be interpreted as a de facto attempt to corrupt these people.” In the letter Camelia also denies that the jury was sent home. As proof, he cites a letter dated December 10, 2015. In a letter from December, Camelia refers to an earlier letter of March 28 in which the jury members announced that they would not be available to continue as jury.

In the letter of December 10 Camelia writes that Gomes, as president of AMAK, criticized the decision of a jury which had been certified by the organization.

Camelia also indicates in the letter of December 2015 that there were two bands that were paid while they did not classify. “You are not acting in good faith, but rather manipulate in order to stay as president of the organization.” In this letter, the jurors are defined by Camelia as serious and honest individuals in positions of responsibility in the Curaçao society. “It is not right that our name is smeared by your fault.”

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