Published On: Wed, Jul 16th, 2014

Two killed in shooting Curacao Airport – Curaçao in shock


WILLEMSTAD - Two people were killed by a shooting at the airport of Curacao yesterday. Six others were wounded, police said.

A car drove in front of the arrival hall and one of the occupants opened fire on a group of people. There were a lot of shots. The two deaths are from Curacao. Six were injured during the shooting, including a taxi driver. The shooting caused a lot of commotion at the airport. The police are investigating the case.

According to our sources this incident is a settlement in the criminal world. The two fatalities are apparently from the neighborhood of Buena Vista. There were several criminal settlements in the last period.

The two men were hit when they were just leaving the arrival hall. Those injured were hit by flying bullets. A mother was hit in the leg while she was in the hallway and a woman in a wheelchair was hit in the parking lot.

The third runner up of Curaçao beauty pageant was also among those injured.

The Minister of Justice indicated that the police are already on the lead of who the perpetrators are and in the coming days they will be arrested.

“This is a serious blow to our tourism and the perpetrators of this heinous crime must be found and punished to the fullest extent of the law,” the Minister said.

The Minister and the Curacao Tourism Bureau (CTB) indicated that they have appointed professionals to assist those who have witnessed this horrendous incident.

CTB will not give any statements this morning but indicated that they will have a meeting with various stakeholders to see how they are going to assist those tourists that were injured and also prepare a prepare a plan for damage control seeing the impact this incident will have on the tourism.

Photo credit: Anneke Polak


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