Published On: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2013

Two tankers from PDVSA supposedly held in Curacao because of PDV Marina’s debt

Screen-Shot-2013-08-23-at-3.02.20-AM-647x394CARACAS, WILLEMSTAD – According to the well known Venezuelan reporter, Nelson Bocaranda two oil tankers from the Venezuelan oil company PDVSA were seized in Curacao.

Bocaranda: “When one hears the powerful Minister Rafael Ramirez, the Venezuelan oil czar, tell the country that there are internal and external sabotage against PDVSA or the reported failures and fires are due to a global campaign against the country and even though they might have been the fault of one, two or three lightning, they have to think negatively to assert, quickly, that distraction comes from somewhere else.”

The PDVSA tankers were "supposedly" held at the port of Curacao subjected to seizure measure against PDVSA for a debt of PDV Marina in Singapore of 60 million dollars.

The information received indicate that the vessels "supposedly" retained are the crude tanker Terepaima IMO9552496 and the asphalt tanker Guanoco IMO8117512. Both tankers have been retained for a week now.

OM-Alpaca-b-647x275Curacao Chronicle went to check on both vessels and found that the Terepaima GPS signal appears off the coast of Puerto La Cruz according to the mandatory satellite tracking of the boat, while the Guanoco is indeed moored in the Curacao. According to a refinery top official, the Guanaco was indeed seized some time ago. First it was anchored at Bullenbaai and now at Schottegat.

A third tanker, the Yavire IMO8123626-who was also bound for Curacao upon hearing the news of the other two boats changed course for Amuay refinery and so far managed to avoid retention of Venezuelan vessel.

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