Published On: Thu, Aug 28th, 2014

Union: “CAP does not want to increase security at the airport”

airportWILLEMSTAD - According to the union representing government officials, ABVO, Curacao Airport Partners (CAP) does not want to increase the security at the airport. The union leader, Kenneth Bremer indicated that while the taxi drivers, employees, passengers and security officers believe that more security is necessary, CAP insists that there is enough security at the airport.

CAP indicated, in a reaction to Curaçao Chronicle’s question about its security, that International Airports do not offer detailed information regarding security related operations in order to safeguard all travelers and users. CAP also said that stating nonfactual inaccurate information does not benefit the airport user nor the safety at the airport.

“Fact is that our cameras are functioning correctly and according to the safety requirements and that in order to continue to safeguard all users, CAP cannot publicly inform where it places or relocates its security system. Furthermore CAP is continuously looking into ways of improving the airport and does so as or if necessary,” CAP’s representative said.

“Curaçao Airport Partners would like to inform Curaçao Chronicle and its (inter)national readers that CAP manages and operates the airport to the highest reasonable levels of international safety and security as we have always done. Our facilities, like any other airport facilities in the world, are designed and operated to facilitate the safe and efficient processing and movement of travelers and other users.  The airport facilities are safe, secure, and adequately staffed and equipped to meet local needs and international standards. Please also note that CAP has and always had a good collaboration with the police and concerning departments and supports these instances however necessary,” CAP stated in their response.

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