Published On: Wed, Jan 4th, 2017

Update: Chaotic Parliament meeting with police intervention

ParliamentWILLEMSTAD – This morning the planned Parliament meeting started and quickly ran out of control. Interim President Humhprey Davelaar opened the meeting and immediately went over to the order of the day. As first topic the President of Parliament want to go over the documents received and the credentials of the new Members of Parliament.

To do this, Parliament has to appoint a committee which will review the credentials. But it never got that far because of the leader of the opposition party Gerrit Schotte of the MFK. He took the floor and called the meeting and the government illegitimate because the coalition is not supported by a majority in Parliament.

Davelaar called the police to help remove Schotte after some heavy word exchange. The police came but left a few moments later without taking Schotte. The opposition leader refused to leave and demanded that the President of Parliament to be removed since the coalition, according to Schotte, does not have the majority and therefore, Davelaar cannot hold that function.

Schotte also demanded that the majority, his party, the KdNT, and independent MP Edward Braam, to hold a meeting and form a government.

Schotte is boycotting the swearing-in of the seven new Members of Parliament because, according to him, they are not supported by a majority. But the former Parliament clerk Franklin Hanze this is not true. Parliament has 21 members and not 14. After the MPs review the credentials of the new MPs, they are sworn in and the current government has a majority again.


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