Published On: Thu, Jan 11th, 2018

Update: Search halted for missing Venezuelans

searchWILLEMSTAD - A new search by the Curaçao Coast Guard for Venezuelan migrants has not yielded anything. A search was held at sea because there were probably more than six illegal migrants on board the boat that broke into pieces the yesterday before reaching Curaçao.

Four bodies of Venezuelans washed ashore and later two men in soaked clothes were arrested on the island.

Yesterday the coastguard also searched for victims or survivors, but that also remained without result.

Today the search continued because there were reports from Venezuela that there must have been more than six migrants on the boat. The Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional reported that about thirty people were reported missing by family. They would have left the town of San José de la Costa in a boat to Curaçao, a journey of about 70 kilometers.

The Coast Guard and the police now assume that most passengers have reached Curaçao. The chance is extremely small that the authorities will find bodies ashore. Another boat, which left San José on the same day, would also have dropped migrants in Curaçao.

Especially young Venezuelans hope for a better life in Curaçao. Venezuela has been suffering from shortages of food and medicines for years.

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