Published On: Fri, May 11th, 2018

‘Use sewage water for grass and plants’

Curafresh-Meat-Arthur-Dennis-Parris-ExtraWILLEMSTAD - Arthur Parris of Fresh Meat wants to process sewage that is now dumped into the sea into the water for plants and grass. This is according to the Parris who is behind the cows’ project.

According to Parris, we flush champagne through the toilet and it is a shame not to do anything with this water. He has a system for removing contaminated water from chemicals and other harmful products and substances so that it can be used for watering plants. The cows themselves receive different water. This water is extracted from the sea and filtered into drinking water for the animals.

Parris is working on a project to get 1000 cows a month to Curaçao in order to set up a local production of beef. Currently, more than 1000 cows are imported. His project can count on a lot of commotion: people are worried about pollution and animal suffering. According to Parris, the project meets the international livestock rules and all waste is reused or processed into biogas.

Photo credit: Extra

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