Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2013

Venezuelans in Curacao are for 100% audit of the votes

Venezuelan ConsulateWILLEMSTAD - Venezuelans living in Curacao, representing the groups of VeMundo and Venex Curacao, have joined the call from Henrique Capriles to perform the complete (100% ) counting control of the ballot, after ignoring the results of the recent presidential election on April 14.

"We have done our part. We have cooperated with the Consulate authorities, following the electoral rules; and have a copy of the electoral act sent to Caracas," said member of the opposition. We want to defend our votes in a peaceful manner.

Capriles' supporters from the leading group “Comando Simon Bolivar” have organized today a peaceful march in the city of Caracas to present to the CNE (Consejo Nacional Electoral) 3200 registered irregularities within the voting process. In support of this massive activity, a group of Venezuelans organized a peaceful "cacerolazo" at Caracasbaai, which is something unusual in Curacao. This a noisy but peaceful protest using pans, pots, spoons and other improvised drum material. The meaning of this is to show that the primary source of life is missing, food and water.

In a press conference, the leader of the opposition, Henrique Capriles said: "I ask everyone with the greater responsibility to let me handle the crisis in the country. Our tenacity means no weakness; we fight specifically against the violence. Our democratic struggle comes from principles, convictions and that Venezuela will become a country much better than it is not today."

Curacao Venex will convene a vigil tomorrow at 8:00 pm at” Misa Birgen di Coromoto at Mundo Nobo”, Piscadera 54 as a token of love, understanding and tolerance to all of the brothers, friends and neighbors of Venezuela . If you want more information visit: / CEPEX.Curazao or by email:

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