Published On: Tue, Jun 20th, 2017

Venezuelans: “With the current situation in our country, we will continue trying to enter Curaçao!”

WILLEMSTAD - There are many on the island who complain about the Venezuelans that are coming to Curaçao and staying on the island illegally on a daily basis. This is, of course, something that Curaçao cannot allow and that is why there are always reports about the Coast Guard intercepting boats with Venezuelans trying to reach the island illegally. It’s also a public secret that when the Coast Guards intercept a boat and arrests maybe twenty Venezuelans, there are 40 others who did succeed to enter the island somewhere else.

There are several Venezuelans who are on the island illegal that indicated that people are being deported but they will return. This Venezuelan lady was deported on a Wednesday but was back on the island on the following Sunday. This lady explained that the current situation in her country obligates them to continue trying to enter Curaçao because it is practically impossible to live in Venezuela.

“I know it’s not the right thing to do but there are no other alternatives. If it’s not Curaçao then it would be another country but we just cannot survive in our own country,” says this lady who wants to remain anonymous due to her legal status on the island.

She explained that most Venezuelans who come to the island by boat start their journey in La Vela Coro, which is in the Falcon State. “Most of the people start there or are actually from that area.”

Those who come here, do this under the recommendation of delinquent groups which offers them a better opportunity in life and they come because of the situation in Venezuela. The sad part is that they pay thousands and thousands of Bolivares to be transported to Curaçao on a small boat just like the Cubans on their way to the USA because of the situation on their island. These Venezuelans must be alerted not to fall for this scam. The situation in Curaçao is not easy in the sense that it is almost impossible to get the necessary papers to stay on the island legally. And also it is not easy to find jobs. If they do find a job, likely they will be caught by Immigration Officers or the Police.

The other sad part is that when they do pay for the transportation and they finally start their journey they are met by the Coast Guard when reaching the Curaçao coast. Once they are caught they have to pay the 80 or 90 dollars for the return ticket to Venezuela as a deportee.

The Venezuelan lady said that most people from her country who come are not delinquents but are just looking for a better life.

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